Weekend Open Forum

Weekend Open Forum

Dedicated to our weekly open discussions, the TechSpot community debates and voices its opinion on a range of different subjects. Common themes include the latest product launches or polls about your computing habits.

Weekend Open Forum: Would you move off world?

Weekend Open Forum: Would you move off world?

Take a moment to sort through the myriad implications of leaving our planet and explain why you would or wouldn’t move off world. What are the social or environmental pressures that would convince you to leave? What technological advances would…
Weekend Open Forum: Will you upgrade to Haswell?

Weekend Open Forum: Will you upgrade to Haswell?

Intel’s fourth generation Core series processor is finally available for purchase. As Steven noted in his review of the Core i7-4770K, the level of performance from Ivy Bridge to Haswell is similar to what was observed when going from Sandy…
Weekend Open Forum: Imagining Google's own country

Weekend Open Forum: Imagining Google's own country

Google CEO Larry Page wants to set aside a part of the world for unregulated experimentation. Let’s help him out.  Where should this place be? What should it be called? Who would rule it? What sort of experiments should be run? What about privacy? Would you live there?

Weekend Open Forum: Online since...?

Weekend Open Forum: Online since...?

The world wide web turned 20 this week. Though I haven’t been online for that long, it got me reminiscing about the first time I heard my computer make that choreographed sequence of noises that allowed it to piggyback on…
Weekend Open Forum: Do you use an RSS aggregator?

Weekend Open Forum: Do you use an RSS aggregator?

As you've likely heard, Google's doing some spring cleaning and Google Reader is among the handful of services being kicked to the curb. Although the seven year old web feed aggregator has many loyal followers -- more than 100,000 of which have signed this petition pleading...

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