Weekend Open Forum

Weekend Open Forum

Dedicated to our weekly open discussions, the TechSpot community debates and voices its opinion on a range of different subjects. Common themes include the latest product launches or polls about your computing habits.

Weekend Open Forum: How loud is your computer?

Weekend Open Forum: How loud is your computer?

Fan noise is one of the few things I’m reluctant to compromise on when building a computer. I’m not big into gaming or overclocking these days so my most recent builds have all featured low-end graphics cards and stock CPU…
Weekend Open Forum: What's your favorite gamepad?

Weekend Open Forum: What's your favorite gamepad?

While I've spent more hours gaming with a keyboard and mouse than any other input devices, some genres are just too awkward for me to play without a controller. I'm lousy at driving and platforming titles to begin with, but especially so if I'm trying to WASD my way through levels...

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