Weekend Open Forum

Weekend Open Forum

Dedicated to our weekly open discussions, the TechSpot community debates and voices its opinion on a range of different subjects. Common themes include the latest product launches or polls about your computing habits.

Weekend Open Forum: Your last meal

Weekend Open Forum: Your last meal

Let's take a break from the usual tech talk. Here's the situation: you have a day to live and one last dinner to eat. What would it be? Takeout from your favorite pizza joint? Your grandma's world famous macaroni and cheese? Liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti? 

Weekend Open Forum: Would you get a Chrome OS laptop?

Weekend Open Forum: Would you get a Chrome OS laptop?

The recently launched Chrome OS notebooks from Acer and Samsung offer a glimpse of the future Google envisions, where all your computing is done hassle-free through the browser. Would you be interested in getting one, even if just as a secondary machine? What would you consider the sweet spot in terms of price? Vote and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

WOF: What software are you willing to pay for?

WOF: What software are you willing to pay for?

[Weekend Open Forum] Earlier this week I was talking to one of our web developers about the software tools we use on a regular basis and were also discussing the kind of software we usually feel compelled to buy and the reasoning for doing so or not. In this WOF we ask you about the type of software and services you are more willing to spend money on. Discuss!
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