Weekend Open Forum

Weekend Open Forum

Dedicated to our weekly open discussions, the TechSpot community debates and voices its opinion on a range of different subjects. Common themes include the latest product launches or polls about your computing habits.

WOF: How many email accounts do you use?

According to recent stats (PDF) published by The Radicati Group, the number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from 2.9 billion in 2010 to over 3.8 billion by 2014, with around 75% belonging to consumers and 25% being…

Weekend Open Forum: Kinect, Move or Wii?

The week is coming to an end and with it so has another year for E3, where hundreds of exhibitors came to show off their newest games and gadgets. Inevitably a lot of the attention went to the three console…

Weekend Open Forum: Desktops doomed to irrelevancy?

There's no denying the current trend towards mobile computing. As more efficient CPUs and GPUs become available and storage densities increase, laptops have become a viable replacement to desktops for everyday computing tasks, while smartphones are often lifesavers when on…

Weekend Open Forum: Do you (still) Twitter?

From the early days of the blogosphere, there's always been a fashionable Web company everybody seems to love talking about, justifiably or not. In most cases we've tried to steer clear from these trends, like with Twitter, giving the Web…

Weekend Open Forum: Is the iPad for You?

With an unbelievable amount of hype behind it, Apple's rumored tablet launched this week with mixed reactions, but an overall positive reception considering the crazy expectations set over the past few months. If anything, the iPad announcement has opened the door…

Weekend Open Forum: HTPC In Your Living Room, Anyone?

Cable and satellite TV providers are scrambling to smother or otherwise capitalize on the rise of Internet-based video. From free user-driven sites like YouTube, to paid services like Netflix, video streaming is here to stay. Media center software like Boxee makes…
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