Weekend Open Forum

Weekend Open Forum

Dedicated to our weekly open discussions, the TechSpot community debates and voices its opinion on a range of different subjects. Common themes include the latest product launches or polls about your computing habits.

WOF: What software are you willing to pay for?

WOF: What software are you willing to pay for?

[Weekend Open Forum] Earlier this week I was talking to one of our web developers about the software tools we use on a regular basis and were also discussing the kind of software we usually feel compelled to buy and the reasoning for doing so or not. In this WOF we ask you about the type of software and services you are more willing to spend money on. Discuss!
Weekend Open Forum: Gadgets you can't live without

Weekend Open Forum: Gadgets you can't live without

Those of you born more than a couple of decades ago can probably remember a time when cell phones, personal computers, cable television, and other modern conveniences werenít something youíd take for granted or outright didnít even exist. Some say…
Weekend Open Forum: Where do you buy online?

Weekend Open Forum: Where do you buy online?

As the holiday shopping season gets rolling, our question for you is: How much do you rely on online retailers and where do you prefer to buy stuff? Not only tech, but things in general like clothes, gifts for family and friends, food, flowers, anything you are used to buy online these days. Even if it's a local store, we want to hear about it.
Weekend Open Forum: Do you game on your cell phone?

Weekend Open Forum: Do you game on your cell phone?

Usually when you think of gaming, a tiny screen and cramped controls aren't the first things that come to mind. But in the last year or so smartphone gaming has really kicked off as they get more capable hardware and developers find creative ways to use touch interfaces. So much indeed that Apple's iOS devices alone have already surpassed the Sony PSP as a gaming platform in the U.S., according to a recent survey, while closing in on the DS.
Weekend Open Forum: What do you want for Christmas?

Weekend Open Forum: What do you want for Christmas?

There's less than two months until Christmas morning, and we know many of you are scrambling for gift ideas -- we are too. Our annual holiday gift guide is due to be published by mid-November, and while that should help you find items for your friends and family, we want to give you an opportunity to tell the world what you'd like for Christmas this year as well...
WOF: How much time do you spend playing games?

WOF: How much time do you spend playing games?

Weekend Open Forum It's not hard to guess that if you visit TechSpot and are reading this, odds are you are a gamer, even if you don't have enough time in your hands at this very moment, you do play games on occasion. How much time do you usually dedicate to play games in your computer, console or even smartphone? Discuss.
Weekend Open Forum: Most memorable gaming cheat codes

Weekend Open Forum: Most memorable gaming cheat codes

Cheat codes have been a part of gaming for years. Today we want to hear about the ones that stuck onto your memory all this time -- or maybe some that were so ridiculously complicated that you don't remember so well. Iíll mention an obvious one and a more obscure one to get the conversation started: IDDQD for Godmode in Doom II (PC) and pressing B thirteen times while rotating the D-pad 360 degrees clockwise during the match-up screen to get power dunks in NBA Jam (SNES).
WOF: Will touch replace keyboards and mice?

WOF: Will touch replace keyboards and mice?

Weekend Open Forum It seems every year a corporate bigwig predicts the death of some mainstream consumer technology. While most visions are dramatized, there's an obvious trend underway: people are spending more time with mobile devices and less time with traditional desktop PCs.

Weekend Open Forum: How powerful is your PSU?

You know, power supplies don't get the attention they deserve. PSUs sit dutifully behind the curtain bringing the whole show to life while processors and graphics cards hog the spotlight. There's a simple reason they're so overlooked in the enthusiast…

Weekend Open Forum: Do you overclock?

As I'm sure is the case with many of you, I've owned several desktop systems over the years that depending on the timing and the class of processor, I've built to run at stock speeds or from scratch with overclocking…
WOF: How much did your motherboard cost?

WOF: How much did your motherboard cost?

Computer enthusiasts and gamers, we're not the type to skimp on a motherboard that will house an uber-fast processor, GPU and other peripherals. But while recently upgrading my workstation to a new Core i7, I noticed that for daily use…

WOF: How many email accounts do you use?

According to recent stats (PDF) published by The Radicati Group, the number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from 2.9 billion in 2010 to over 3.8 billion by 2014, with around 75% belonging to consumers and 25% being…

Weekend Open Forum: Kinect, Move or Wii?

The week is coming to an end and with it so has another year for E3, where hundreds of exhibitors came to show off their newest games and gadgets. Inevitably a lot of the attention went to the three console…
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