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Startup Programs with 'c'

Startup Name Process Name Status
Copy handler Copy Handler.exe Up to You
Copyright mwcpyrt.exe Not Necessary
Core Process Aplication ccapl.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Core Process Aplication x16 ccapl16.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Core Process Aplication x32 ccapl32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CoreCenter CoreCenter.exe Up to You
CoreCenter CORECE~1.EXE Up to You
Corel Colleagues & Contacts Reminders cffrem.exe Not Necessary
Corel Desktop Application Director dadx.exe Not Necessary
Corel Family & Friends reminders CFFREM.EXE Not Necessary
Corel Photo Downloader MediaDetect.exe Not Necessary
Corel Registration Remind32.exe Not Necessary
Corel Registration Reminder Remind32.exe Not Necessary
Corel Reminder NAVBROWSER.EXE Not Necessary
CorelCENTRAL 10 I_26dadCC.exe Not Necessary
CorelDraw Toolbox CorelDraw.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CorelMedia FoldersIndexer8 MFindexer.exe Not Necessary
CorelMedia FoldersIndexer8 MFINDE~1.EXE Not Necessary
CoreSrv coresrv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CORESYS coresys.exe Unknown
CorrectConnect CConnect.exe Not Necessary
cosine cosine.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CostAware niIPCApp.exe Up to You
Counterstrike Service Agent czrzns.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Country Select pctptt.exe Not Necessary
CountrySelection pctptt.exe Not Necessary
Coupon Offers ?? Unknown
couponica couponica.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CP CopyProtectionNotifier.exe Unknown
CP4HPOT OneTouch.EXE Up to You
CPBrWtch CPBrWtch.exe Up to You
CPD_EXE CPD.EXE May be Necessary
cpl deamon.exe Dangerous. Remove.
cpl msgaol.exe Dangerous. Remove.
cpl s menu.exe Dangerous. Remove.
cpl browse.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CplBTQ00 CplBTQ00.EXE Not Necessary
CPLDBL10 CPLDBL10.exe Not Necessary
cpntmgc wincomp.exe Dangerous. Remove.
cpntmgc simcss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
cpntmgc navpmc.exe Dangerous. Remove.
cpntmgc winmgts.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CPortPatch cppatch.exe Unknown
CPQAcDc CPQAcDc.exe May be Necessary
CPQAlert CPQAlert.exe Up to You
CPQBootPerfDB CPQBootPerfDB.EXE Not Necessary
CPQCalib CPQCalib.exe May be Necessary
CPQDFWAG CpqDfwAg.exe Not Necessary
CPQEASYACC cpqeadm.exe Up to You
cpqeaui cpqeaui.exe Up to You
cpqek kcpqek.exe Up to You
CPQInet Runtime Service CpqInet.exe Up to You
CPQINKAGENT cpqinkag.exe Not Necessary
cpqns cpqnpcss.exe Up to You
Cpqset Cpqset.exe Not Necessary
CPQSTUTFIX stutfix.exe May be Necessary
CPQTEAM cpqteam.exe Up to You
cpr cpr Dangerous. Remove.
CPU Manager cpumgr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CPU Temp Control wuitgurd.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CPU Watcher rundll32.exe [path] cpu.dll,load Dangerous. Remove.
CPU Windows Status cpustats.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CPUcool Cpucool.exe Up to You
CPUMon CPUMon.exe Not Necessary
Cpusave Cpusave.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Cpusave32 Cpusave32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
cpyt hidep.exe Dangerous. Remove.
cqlyg world_cup_.bat Dangerous. Remove.
CQSCP2PS ?? Unknown
Cr**.exe [* = random char] Cr**.exe [* = random char] Dangerous. Remove.
Cr**.exe [* = random char] Cr**.exe [* = random char] Dangerous. Remove.
Cr**32.exe [* = random char] Cr**32.exe [* = random char] Dangerous. Remove.
cracked_windows1 cracked_windows1.exe Up to You
CrazyTalk Serve rundll32.exe CrazyTalk.dll, DIIServeMediaFile Not Necessary
CRBroadCasting CRBroadCasting.exe Up to You
CRC Value Verifier crsss32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CRC Value Verifier Crsss64.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CRC Value Verifier svchost32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CRC Value Verifier crsss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Crc32stats Dependencies Crc32stats.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Creata Mail JMSrvr.exe Up to You
Create A Monster createAMonster.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CreateCD Createcd.exe Not Necessary
CreateCD50 Createcd50.exe Not Necessary
Creative AGP Wizard agpwiz.exe Not Necessary
Creative Launcher CTLauncher.exe Not Necessary
Creative Live! Cam Manager CTLCMgr.exe Up to You
Creative MediaSource Go CTCMSGo.exe Not Necessary
Creative PCI Audio Configuration Utility starter.exe Not Necessary
Creative Service for CDROM Access Ctsvccda.exe Not Necessary
Creative WebCam Tray Camtray.exe Not Necessary
Creative.exe Creative.exe Dangerous. Remove.
CreativeDiscNotifier CTNOTIFY.EXE Not Necessary
CreativeMixer CTMIX32.EXE Up to You
Critical Update Check battlenet.exe Dangerous. Remove.

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