Cellular articles

Ericsson achieves 5 Gbps over next-gen 5G test network

While most of the world is still adopting 4G LTE networks, Ericsson is busy testing next-generation cellular connectivity in their labs. Recently, the company successfully managed to send data at a whopping five gigabits per second over test 5G networks.

Verizon debuts $60 prepaid plan for 3G smartphones

Verizon announced today the introduction of two prepaid plans which bundle together unlimited voice and texts exclusively for 3G smartphone owners. The company's $60 option includes a rather slim 500MB of data, but its $70 plan offers a more bountiful…

Survey names Verizon the best US carrier, AT&T the worst

Consumer Reports has released its annual cellular service report with findings that are similar to last year's results. After surveying 63,253 cellular subscribers across 23 metropolitan markets, Consumer Reports determined Verizon Wireless to be the highest-rated provider...