Doom articles

Apple's Touch Bar can technically play 'Doom'

Few games have been as groundbreaking for their time as id Software’s smash hit Doom. Rapidly approaching its 25th anniversary, the iconic first-person shooter has refused to go quietly into the night with installments now available across a number of…

Doom patch adds support for Vulkan API

id Software on Monday released a patch for Doom that enables support for the Vulkan API on the PC. As you may know, Vulkan is the low-overhead, cross-platform successor to OpenGL, a dated API created by Silicon Graphics way back in 1992.

My first few hours playing DOOM: Boom, Jump, Huh?

Doom, id Software's reboot of the classic franchise, feels equal parts retro and modern. With new gameplay additions like executions, upgrades, weapon modification, and mantling, but with no regenerating health, reloading, sprinting, or aiming down sights Doom doesn't feel outdated. …