Media player articles

VLC launches Kickstarter campaign for Windows 8 app

The team behind the popular open-source media player VLC has announced plans to develop a native app for Windows 8’s  Metro UI, and they’re looking to crowdsource funds for the project through Kickstarter. According to the team, although they currently…

VLC 2.0 hits RC, brings new UI and Blu-ray support for OS X

Everyone's favorite open-source media player has reached a new milestone, delivering a bevy of new tweaks and features. The jump from v1.1.13 to v2.0.0 represents a drastic overhaul and the changelog contains nearly 17,000 characters -- more ground than we can cover here, naturally.

Microsoft's Zune HD is officially dead, yet again

It seems that Microsoft has finally decided to kill off the Zune HD once and for all. The announcement was made official during the Windows Phone Radio podcast and the company has reinstated the end-of-life message on the Zune support…

Western Digital unveils $100 nettop with Spotify support

Western Digital has revamped its media player offering this week, serving up a new budget streaming box for home theater buffs. The company's latest WD TV Live nettop box is priced at only $100 and has a slightly different feature…