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nintendo 3ds articles

Nintendo 3DS sales shot up 45 percent in 2013

Nintendo 3DS sales shot up 45 percent in 2013

Nintendo’s Wii U isn’t nearly as successful as the company might have hoped for but the same can’t be said about the 3DS. Despite the fact that smartphones now account for the majority of mobile gaming, Nintendo has managed to…
Nintendo's new 3DS XL: a new, bigger 3DS

Nintendo's new 3DS XL: a new, bigger 3DS

The screen is 90 percent bigger, with larger bottom and top screens. It's called the Nintendo 3DS LL in Japan and the Nintendo 3DS XL in the West. The top screen measures at 4.88 inches and is 90 percent bigger,…
Netflix arrives on the Nintendo 3DS

Netflix arrives on the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS owners across the US and Canada can now download a free Netflix app from the Nintendo eShop. It allows Netflix members with unlimited streaming plans to instantly watch TV episodes and movies on their Nintendo 3DS portable system.…
3D TV service arrives for Nintendo 3DS in Japan

3D TV service arrives for Nintendo 3DS in Japan

As previously announced, Nintendo's Itsu no Ma ni Terebi (or "SpotPass TV") has launched today in Japan. The 3D TV service gives 3DS owners the ability to automatically wirelessly download 3D TV shows to their portable gaming device 3DS every…
Nintendo 3DS has killswitch for pirates?

Nintendo 3DS has killswitch for pirates?

According to GoNintendo, Japanese retailer Enterking has posted a warning on its website suggesting that Nintendo will brick 3DS consoles suspected of monkey business. Loosely translated, the site says that anyone who runs software or makes modifications unapproved by Nintendo…
Nintendo 3DS launching on March 27 for $250

Nintendo 3DS launching on March 27 for $250

Nintendo executive Reggie Fil-Amie today revealed US availability and pricing for the Nintendo 3DS at an event in the Nintendo World store in New York City. The 3DS will launch on March 27, 2011 with a retail price of $250…