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Nintendo Wii U sales surpass 400,000 units in first week

Nintendo's next generation Wii U system was greeted with mixed reviews. It’s a capable machine that meets the standards of modern console gaming and doesn't feel like it’s pocked with omissions, the second-screen feature looks promising, and it offers a…

Wii U Review: Nintendo's Latest Is Out the Door

The Wii U is a capable machine. For once, we have a Nintendo console that doesn't feel like it is pocked with omissions. Gone is the era of GameCube controllers with three shoulder buttons when the competition has four. Gone is the era of the Wii that couldn't send HD graphics to an HD TV.

The Wii U meets the standards of modern console gaming, while also supporting Wii Remotes and therefore serving as an HD version of the Wii. It does all of these things and introduces some well-realized new features to modern console gaming.

Slimmer and cheaper Nintendo Wii coming by Christmas

Despite having unveiled the Wii's successor at E3 earlier this year, Nintendo plans to give its motion-controlled console a shot in the arm ahead of the busy holiday season with a slimmed down version of its existing model. Dubbed the…