Serv-U began as the personal project of Rob Beckers around 1994 in an attempt to create a usable FTP server that didn't sacrifice security. After all, FTP gives users access to one of your computers! At the time, very few FTP servers existed, none of which met these two basic requirements. No one knew that Serv-U would develop in to the huge success that it is today, but we can trace its success to several key objectives.

* Ease of Use

Serv-U has always been accessible through a straight-forward and intuitive design. Most users are able to setup and begin administering their FTP server in a matter of minutes.

* Security

The first thing that someone should consider when sharing anything over the Internet is security. Serv-U features extensive permissions for users with the ability to group users for maintenance of large servers. Access can be allowed and restricted by IP address or IP name using powerful rules. Finally, Serv-U has many internal security features that close up "loopholes" that can be exploited in other FTP servers.

* User Relations

User feedback has always been an important aspect of developing Serv-U. Users can subscribe to the Serv-U discussion list to ask questions to experienced users as well as the developer, Rob Beckers. Technical support and sales is provided by the very best people that care about the individual.

* Customization & Maintainence

Serv-U features an open architecture that makes it very easy to extend, monitor, and change the server behavior with external DLLs. Extensive and friendly logs contain as little or as much information as you need. They can be automatically rotated and named according to your preferences, too.

What's New:

* Corrected a bug where Serv-U would allow certain operations in the computer root ("\") instead of on a UNC path or drive path. The computer root is not a physical entity that can be written to or read from. Because of this operations must be denied.
* Corrected a bug where the copyright text on the Server Details page under the Program Information tab was being wrapped incorrectly.
* Corrected an ODBC bug where the SQL statement used to add columns to an existing table did not work for MS SQL 2000.
* Corrected an ODBC bug where if the columns of data were requested "out of order" (according to the column ordinal) MS SQL 2000 would fail.
* Corrected a problem with old Serv-U Corporate registration IDs.
* Changed how anonymous FTP login works when anonymous login is not allowed. As with previous versions of Serv-U, when "USER anonymous" is received, it is accepted, until the "PASS xxxx" command is received, when the anonymous login is rejected. This change is due to Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, rejecting the user after the USER command causes the login to fail, and not prompt for a user ID and password.
* Corrected a bug where Windows shortcuts to drives would cause a GPF (crash) if Serv-U is treating Windows shortcuts as the target.
* Changed the default ASCII / BINARY transfer mode (which is only cosmetic in Serv-U) to ASCII as with versions prior to
* Corrected a problem where the TYPE FTP command was not supporting the "REPRESENTATION TYPE (TYPE)" format as outlined in RFC 765.
* Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where SSL uploads would insert an HTTP protocol header into the uploaded file. This also improves the transfer speed.
* Corrected a bug in FTP Voyager JV where the Help button of the About dialog was broken.