WakeMeUp! is an advanced alarm clock software for PCs with Windows 2000/XP/2003srv OS installed. For now, all known PC alarm clocks rely either on Windows Task Scheduler or their own timers and work only when they are running. WakeMeUp! implements a much more convenient approach described below.

WakeMeUp! consists of the following elements:

WakeMeUp! Windows System Service. It manages users' alarms and schedules wake-ups or switches to standby. It starts at windows startup and stops right before system shutdown. In other words, it is always running.

WakeMeUp! Configuration Utility. It is the only program you will ever need to run. It provides a stylish and easy-to-use interface to everything WakeMeUp! can do for you.

WakeMeUp! Informer is a program that notifies you of your alarms. It can play a sound (mp3,wma,wav or m3u playlist) or display a message.

WakeMeUp! can

* Resume your computer from any Stand By mode (S1 or S3) at specified date/time. In S3 your computer makes no noise at all in spite of all programs stay in memory. That's why it is also called "suspend to RAM".Of course, it can switch your PC to Stand By mode at specified date and time.
* Fire alarms without being started, because WakeMeUp! has a special Windows system service that is responsible for alarms management, resuming from Stand By etc. In other words, WakeMeUp! does its work in background.
* Notify you about alarm even if no user is logged on. Such situation is possible after windows restart caused by power failure.
* Handle alarms from multiple users of your PC. Nevertheless, user can see only his own alarms in program window.
* Play mp3,wma or wav as an alarm notification. It will automatically increase volume to max and make some beeps through the speaker inside of the case of your PC (called PC speaker) if your speakers are turned off. Sound fade-in function is customizable.
* Execute almost any command line (start a program or open a file)
* Handle unlimited number of alarms with seven periodicity modes, from "one time" to "every year".
* Change skins or interface languages on the run. A nice Mac Os® X skin is active by default.

WakeMeUp! can be used as

* An alarm clock with almost unlimited possibilities
* A simple and very reliable reminder
* An anti-theft software. Hypothetic burglars can be frightened off by music or recorded speech playing according to alarm schedule composed by you.

What's New:
* AAC, MP4, ALAC (Apple lossless) and APE (Mokey's audio) support
* Portuguese translation update
* Updated translations
* Minor bugfixes and improvements
* Serbo-Croatian translation by Marina Milojevic
* Chinese translation (by Gilbert Tong)
* Updated Korean translation