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Renamer 4.3.1

Renamer4Mac (formerly Renamer4Mac) makes it realy easy to rename a big number of files according to a preset pattern. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about Renamer for Mac

It lets you rename your files in many different ways:
  • Search & replace
  • Insert/overwrite of text
  • Number the files
  • Convert upper/lowercase

All can be done with an easy user interface and real-time preview, so you can see how the files will be named just while you're configuring!

Renamer4Mac is 100% written for MacOS X and it is English, French, German, Italian and Japanese localized.

Batch rename large numbers of files in seconds with just a drag, a drop, and a click. Live preview gives instant feedback on new filenames for catching errors and fine-tuning results. Rename with simple text search or with flexible regular expressions. Convert upper and lower case. Number files. Read more.

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