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This version is the bleeding edge development from Opera; features will be piloted, and may be shelved, taken back to the drawing board, or taken forward to the Opera Next stream - feature complete, but potentially buggy. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about Opera Developer

Once the bugs have been ironed out, the features are released as stable, and once every few weeks the streams are all refreshed. You can follow all three if you want, but please note that you shouldn't entrust valuable data to anything other than the released stable stream.

What's New:

  • CHR-7869 Allow bubble menu border in non-touch layout
  • DNA-65835 Dropdown with suggestions in Add to Opera modal are not refreshing on input
  • DNA-81866 Tidy up link navigation implementations
  • DNA-85110 URL of pages from inactive workspace displayed on startup
  • DNA-85450 BabePrivateApiTest.NavigationUrlShouldHasUrlValueWhenSuggestionStoreEmpty is failing
  • DNA-85465 ComponentUpdateScheduler may attempt an update when AutoupdateDeployment has shutdown already
  • DNA-85474 [Mac] Dragging tabs to the left with hidden sidebar is broken
  • DNA-85498 [Mac] Remove ‘Speech’ element from custom context menus
  • DNA-85504 Invisible cross in the search box on a full Bookmarks page
  • DNA-85568 Verify API for triggering “unread” mode with Instagram.
  • DNA-85641 Pressing heart icon with ‘other bookmarks’ as a save location makes adding-removing the page bookmark from the bookmark bar
  • DNA-85660 Pinned tabs do not load after browser restart
  • DNA-85683 [Mac] Compile & run tests from
  • DNA-85750 [Mac] Unable to drag&drop page’s URL to bookmarks bar
  • DNA-85769 Add og-image resizer
  • DNA-85771 DNS-over-HTTPS example in settings is wrong
  • DNA-85813 Crash at opera::address_bar::BabeModel::~BabeModel()
  • DNA-85814 Crash @ Browser::workspaces_controller() const
  • DNA-85820 Flags are blue in default [D] state after restart
  • DNA-85823 Add functionality to allow create custom sites in sidebar
  • DNA-85850 Redesign sidebar right mouse click context menu
  • DNA-85865 Search in Bookmarks Panel Slow
  • DNA-85869 Crash at blink::Element::innerTextWithShadowDom()
  • DNA-85871 [Mac] Extension popup is resized when opening.
  • DNA-85872 Add browser tests
  • DNA-85877 Retry Flow server calls to avoid issue with multiple DCs
  • DNA-85878 Revert change to blink::WebMediaPlayer::Load()
  • DNA-85893 Change icons width on geolocation modal
  • DNA-85894 Improve shadow on active tab
  • DNA-85896 Skip “Picture in picture” menu item when video pop-out is disabled
  • DNA-85904 Weather on Start Page should say “Set up your city”
  • DNA-85917 Remove patch to web_element in blink
  • DNA-85920 Extension popup menu improvements
  • DNA-85938 Remove localhost from the whitelist
  • DNA-85945 Enable #search-text-in-tabs on the developer stream
  • DNA-85948 [Mac] Unable to copy anything from address bar to clipboard
  • DNA-85950 [Mac] Copied downloaded file address from callout is wrong
  • DNA-85951 Lack of icon and window name in installer
  • DNA-85952 Change SaveProfileNotificationDelegate to infobar
  • DNA-85954 Create an setting in “User interface” section of opera:settings to enable/disable babe
  • DNA-85966 Enable #procedural-tab-drawing for all streams
  • DNA-85969 [Mac] ‘Show sidebar’ toggles are not synchronised in Easy Setup and Sidebar setup
  • DNA-85976 Change page display time when navigating from opera:startpage
  • DNA-85980 Browser tests don’t seem to wait for ScopedKeepAlive to be destroyed
  • DNA-85990 Can’t get full console logs from Adblocker
  • DNA-85996 not working on Opera
  • DNA-86001 Fix PermissionDelegationBrowserTest.DelegatedToTwoFrames
  • DNA-86012 Handle timeout error
  • DNA-86013 Polish the BABE tiles
  • DNA-86019 Change MouseGestureNotificationDelegate to infobar
  • DNA-86021 Change CrashNotificationDelegate to infobar
  • DNA-86025 Enable BABE on developer
  • DNA-86027 Present Now not working in google meet after canceling it once
  • DNA-86029 Investigate and implement re-freshing of the instagram panel content
  • DNA-86030 opera://crashes is not working
  • DNA-86032 [Mac] Timouts on Autofill browser tests
  • DNA-86034 [Continue Shopping] Open help page in a new tab
  • DNA-86047 Make the feature flags of iteration 3 features visible in opera://flags
  • DNA-86049 Stop copying
  • DNA-86058 Sync testserver non-functional when run from package
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