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NVDA 2020.3

NVDA is a free, open source, globally accessible screen reader for the blind and vision impaired. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about NV Access

The NVDA screen reader can be downloaded free of charge by anyone. We do this because we believe everyone, especially the world’s poorest blind people deserve access to computers and a way out of poverty. If you have the means, no matter how big or small, please consider making a donation before downloading NVDA. We rely on donations and grants to continue improving NVDA and to ensure it remains compatible with the world’s rapidly changing technology.

What's New:

New Features
  • You can now toggle reporting of graphics from NVDA's document formatting settings. Note that disabling this option will still read the alternative texts of graphics. (#4837)
  • You can now toggle NVDA's touchscreen support. An option has been added to the Touch Interaction panel of NVDA's settings. The default gesture is NVDA+control+alt+t. (#9682)
  • Added new German braille tables. (#11268)
  • NVDA now detects read-only text UIA controls. (#10494)
  • The existence of marked (highlighted) content is reported in both speech and braille in all web browsers. (#11436)
  • This can be toggled on and off by a new NVDA Document Formatting option for Highlighting.
  • New emulated system keyboard keys can be added from NVDA's Input gestures dialog. (#6060)
  • To do this, press the add button after you selected the Emulated system keyboard keys category.
  • Handy Tech Active Braille with joystick is now supported. (#11655)
  • "Automatic focus mode for caret movement" setting is now compatible with disabling "Automatically set focus to focusable elements". (#11663)

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