WGU624 Firmware Version for use in the USA

Features in

1. Only allows USA as country selection – complying with FCC regulations.
2. Improved throughput when router WAN side is connected to 10 M Ethernet interface.
3. The maximum length of Account and Domain Name in Basic Settings page was increased from 32 characters to 50, so it complies with XBox Live test.

Major Features in

1. Increases the firmware upgrade size limit, to be ready for WMM (Wireless Multimedia) firmware upgrade in the future (You will have to upgrade to this firmware, first, before upgrading to a later version).
2. Fixes the lock-up issue when 11g and 11a are running very-imbalanced traffic, i.e., when one band takes most of the traffic bandwidth.

Major Features in

1. Fixes the router not being able to handle P2P client Azureus heavy-traffic load.
2. Fixes that the router froze if 11a or 11g radio is disabled and "Show Statistics" page is viewed.
3. Added password change validation, instead of quietly ignoring invalid characters like commas so the customer can log in successfully after password change.

Major Features in Version

- XR is now available in "11g only" wireless mode.
- Added static IP option for PPPoE.
- UPnP is enabled by default.
- Added several European countries to the regional domain list.

Major Bug fixes in Version

- Fixed a rarely-happening router lock-up issue.
- Fixed browser compatibility issues with Netscape, Firefox, Redhat browser (Note that Macintosh Safari is not supported in current design).
- Improved DHCP server module.
- Fixed the issue that PC card WG511U pings to the router time out occasionally.

Major Features from Version

* Compatible with any 11b, 11g, 11a and 108Mbps-capable wireless cards.
* Supports WEP, WPA and WPA-PSK.
* Extended Range (XR) and Adaptive Radio (AR) features.
* XBox Live certificate.
* Auto-assisted Firmware Upgrade feature.
* Dedicated hardware DMZ port for better security and ease of use.

Known issues

* In very rare cases, the router stops responding to the clients. Usually, power cycling the router fixes the problem. If not, do a hardware reset (Press the reset button on the back for 5 seconds).

If you are using firmware older than, you MUST upgrade to version, first.