New Features & Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed: When the LAN-WAN IP address conflict, the web page of DUT do not give a tip of IP address conflict.
2. Fixed: When acting as repeater, wireless repeating link rate is always 1M in the router status page.
3. Fixed: PPTP - Gateway IP Address is always grayed out.

To Install:

1. Download the correct file depending on your location and unzip the file to a convenient place such as your desktop.
2. Log in the router at
3. Click Maintenance > Router Upgrade.
4. Click Browse and locate the file you just downloaded.
5. Click Upload. While the firmware is loading, do not interrupt the upgrade process.

The router reboots when the upgrade is complete.

To check that the upgrade was successful, log in to the router again at and check the firmware version.

First FTP for North America users only, second one world-wide version - for users outside North America only.