WARNING: This firmware only will upgrade with BEFVP41 v2.1 Older hardware version will not work.

What's New:

1. Updated protocol for LELA support
2. Fixed UPnP security issue
3. Updated DST (daylight saving time)
4. Fixed interval of TZO DDNS
5. Fixed port forwarding for PPTP connection
6. Updated access restriction error message.
7. Fixed long term usage of TZO.
8. Updated PeanutHull help link
9. Updated TzO help link
10. FIxed filter causing warm boot.
11. FIxed issue where router goes into an endless loop.
12. Fixed PPPoE packet handling
13. Updated log entry text.
14. Fixed issue with PASV FTP.
15. FIxed issue with Traceroute
16. Fixed issue with QoS
17. Fixed issue with TCP timeout
18. Fixed non-NAT fragmentation issue
19. Fixed some issues with DMZ