What's New:

Performance Improvements:

  • Protune improvements: Adds the ability to lock the shutter speed for greater control under different motion and lighting conditions. The Shutter setting is available for videos.
  • Protune improvements: Adds additional White Balance settings to allow for finer adjustments when optimizing for cool or warm lighting conditions. Available for videos and photos.
  • Protune improvements: Adds additional ISO control settings. Adds additional ISO options, adds the ability to lock the ISO setting for video and set an ISO range for photo capture.
  • Adds additional Bluetooth functionality to support the Works with GoPro program.

Usability Improvements:

  • Adds the ability to add/remove HiLight Tags directly from the touchdisplay
  • Adds the ability to quickly move to the next or previous HiLight Tag in a video
  • Media filters add the ability to sort content in the gallery (thumbnail) view by videos or photos so you can find specific content faster. Filters, the slideshow option, and the ability to delete multiple files can be accessed from the Menu icon in gallery view.

General Improvements + Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes stability with video playback over HDMI
  • Improves time lapse stability and interval accuracy
  • Improves camera and smartphone reconnections
  • Fixes intermittent audio issues with Periscope

Previous versions:

New Features:

  • Adds ability to create and save short video clips on the camera using an LCD Touch BacPac

Performance Improvements:

  • Adds ISO settings for video — 800 and 3200
  • Default video setting changed to 1080p60

Usability Improvements

  • Adds Simplified Chinese as a language option on the camera.
  • Improves camera and smartphone connectivity
  • Enhanced thumbnail gallery with larger images (requires LCD Touch BacPac)

General Improvements:

  • Improves power efficiency in Time Lapse photo mode

New Modes + Features

  • Adds Time Lapse Video mode
  • Adds 720p240 video mode (Narrow FOV only)
  • Adds 2.7K60 video mode
  • Adds Auto Image Rotation
  • Adds 30 photos/6 seconds Burst rate

Preformance Improvements

  • Changes Protune default video ISO to 1600

Usability Improvements

  • Adds Reset option for camera Wi-Fi settings
  • Displays Night Lapse shutter time on the camera status screen

LCD Touch Bacpac Improvements

  • Delivers the ability to add HiLight Tags during playback
  • Adds new gesture to display the last photo or video captured
  • Automatically locks the display after the camera goes to sleep

General Improvements + Bug Fixes

  • Night Lapse stability improvements

Previous Version:

New Features

  • Adds Automatic shutter option for Night Lapse mode
  • Adds Continuous interval for Night Lapse mode

Performance Improvements

  • Increases image sharpness in various video modes
  • Decreases Time Lapse shutter lag
  • Optimizes Time Lapse auto exposure performance for 0.5 and 1 second intervals
  • Decreases thumbnail load time on the LCD Touch BacPac™
  • Increases file transfer speed from camera to computer

Usability Improvements

  • Simplifies Default Mode menu
  • Adds 5 min option to Auto Off
  • Displays HiLight Tags in thumbnail gallery on the LCD Touch BacPac (3rd Generation only)
  • Improves swipe and playback controls on the LCD Touch BacPac (3rd Generation only)
  • Displays the most recent video or photo first during playback on the LCD Touch BacPac

General Improvements + Bug Fixes

  • Addresses an issue that may prevent pairing with the GoPro App
  • Addresses an issue that may disable live preview on the GoPro App
  • Addresses an issue that may cause the camera to appear out of range with the GoPro App
  • Improves battery level icon accuracy
  • Addresses an issue that may prevent files from being deleted
  • Addresses an issue which may cause the camera to automatically power on when connected to a computer
  • Other improvements and bug fixes