What's New:
-Fix up lan don\'t normal work issue
-Updated to support the new AM2 CPU(G1 G2 F3)
-Patch Apogee DDR2 667 1GB compatibility issue
-Update AGESA to version 2.06.11 by AMD recommend
-Patch ITE 8716-CX electic leakage issue by ITE recommand
-Update AGESA to version 2.06.07 by AMD recommend
-Fix external 8139 PCI LAN boot ROM can not be invoked
-Support ST M50FLW040A flash part
-Fix system will auto wake up when plug USB KB or MS and S5 shutdown under Win2k OS
-Update the VGA ROM to version
-Add BIOS write protect function

* Please do not update the BIOS if your system is running fine.
* Please do not update the BIOS if the BIOS patch doesn\'t pertain to your current problem.
* Please read the update description and special note carefully before updating the new BIOS.
* Unsuccessful BIOS flash may cause the system fails to boot up.
* Please make sure your M/B PCB version number at first then download the right BIOS for the upgrade. (How to recognize the M/B PCB version).
*.Please use the BIOS flash utility that published in the web site instead of the flash utility in CD driver \"utility folder\".