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FreeSync vs. G-Sync: 2017 Update, What You Need to Know

Adaptive sync display technologies from Nvidia and AMD have been on the market for a few years now, however it's just recently that it's become more mainstream with gamers taking the plunge thanks to generous selection, a wide variety of options, and monitor budgets. As both technologies have matured, it's a good time to revisit them to see where the differences lie in mid 2017.

Nvidia Hotfix driver 384.80 adds Netflix 4K support on Pascal GPUs

Last week we reported on the release of GeForce graphics driver 384.76 but since then a few new features have been discovered. Namely DX12 support on older Fermi graphics cards and Netflix 4K streaming on Pascal GPUs running Windows 10. The small number update to 384.80 is due to a fatal flaw fix affecting Watch Dogs 2. You can download the latest GeForce Hotfix Driver 384.80 here.

New Nvidia drivers bring optimizations for Lawbreakers beta, Spider-man: Homecoming VR

If you're planning to or already playing the beta for Lawbreakers "Rise Up" this latest GeForce driver is for you. There's also day-zero support for Spider-man: Homecoming VR, three new features, and a long list of fixes. Go to our drivers section for complete release notes and download links for Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista (if you're still on Vista, come on, just upgrade already).