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I got to play with the Apple Vision Pro and saw the future of computing. Again.

Editor's take: I was one of the lucky few who got to attend Apple's WWDC keynote presentation in person, and also got to try the new Apple Vision Pro headset for a 25-minute hands-on, er, heads-on demo. The experience was very good – as it certainly should be for a product that's going to cost a whopping $3,499 – but it was also a bit more similar to other devices I've tried over the years than I initially expected it to be.
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Opinion: Everybody wants to software

In context: For years, hardware makers have observed the attention and valuation multiples enjoyed by software companies with envy. Employees at hardware companies have also longed for the fancy perks their peers receive at software companies, while their hardware teams are fortunate to even have coffee at work. Software may be eating the world, but does that mean only software companies get foosball tables at work?