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YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips terminated after it was hacked to show crypto-scam videos

TechLinked has also fallen victim
What just happened? Linus Tech Tips, one of the largest and most popular technology YouTube channels on the platform, has been hacked. It was used by the hackers to show pre-recorded 'live-streaming' crypto-scam videos, featuring former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The channel is now showing a message stating it has been shut down for violating YouTube's community guidelines, but it appears Linus' other channels are also being abused.
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YouTube ends trial that restricted 4K content to its Premium subscription service

What has Google decided?
In context: YouTube's controversial experiment in which it restricted 4K content to its $12-per-month Premium service has come to an end. What conclusion Google drew from the test is unknown---it appears to be still gathering feedback-so there's no guarantee the resolution will remain accessible on the platform indefinitely.
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YouTube starts asking users to subscribe to Premium for 4K videos

Would you subscribe to its Premium service for 4K?
WTF?! It might sound like a terrible idea, but YouTube could start charging users who want to watch videos on the platform in 4K, making the resolution exclusive to its $12-per-month Premium service. There's no confirmation that owner Google will go down this route as it could only be a test to gauge reaction, though such a move would obviously cause a lot of anger from creators and viewers alike.