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3D Spotlight : Articles : Everglide Giganta mousepad

Everglide Giganta mousepad
Posted by Thomas McGuire on March 17, 2000
Company: Everglide     Product: Giganta mousepad

I was somewhat sceptical about reviewing a mouse pad. I mean how much of a difference could a mouse pad really make? Reluctantly I binned (well, put into storage) my old Darth Maul mouse pad & decided to find out.

Everglide first released the Large Attack Pad in 1999; people saw what a great difference a truly good mouse pad could make.


The Everglide Giganta blue has the following specifications:

  • 9 1/2" High
  • 11 1/2" Wide
  • 1/4"Deep
  • Compatible with all Optical Mice!
  • Micro-Beveled Edge
  • Traction Control Surface
  • Washable for easy clean-ups

The above picture is what youíll get for your money. The dimensions are the same as that of the Everglide Giganta black. The pad also comes with 5 no-slip tabs underneath it to ensure your mouse pad doesnít move once you position it. These tabs work extremely well & thereís no way you will accidentally shift this mouse pad.

The little indented curve at the bottom is where you place your hand/wrist whilst holding the mouse & feel perfectly natural. Nice ergonomic design.

The pad itself is very rigid & the surface is great for tracking the mouse ball across & feels smooth. Another very important feature of this pad is that you clean it properly. Something that you canít really do with clothe based mouse pads. This hard plastic is just great, simply wash/wipe the surface with a wet cloth to remove any dirt.

Desktop activity

I gave my mouse (Microsoft Intellimouse Pro) a little clean before I started using the new pad, which is something I do every few weeks anyway, using a combination of tissue & scissors to scrape of the crap (yes thatís the technical term) that tends to build on the rollers of the mouse.

Immediately after changing mouse pad I noticed how incredibly smooth I could move the cursor around my desktop. The effect of this is similar to using PS/2 rate to increase your mouse-sampling rate.

Movement is instantaneous & youíll encounter no difficulty whatsoever navigating through the Start menu or a mass of folders. I found editing images in MS Paint to be that little bit easier & when selecting items to be moved around that extra bit of pinpoint accuracy saved me time.

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