A first look to Windows XP

Whatís It Like

So, I could finally see the desktop! First thing I noticed is a very uncluttered desktop, and the only icon that resides is the recycle bin! Also, down on the bottom I can see that MSN messenger loaded right up with it. Windows XP has a cartoon-like look to it, but I must say, it is a bit refreshing. For those of you who miss the old fashioned look of older versions, XP does offer a desktop setting to go back in time, which will give you the look of Windows 98.


Well now, how does it feel you ask? It feels incredibly slow on the first system. That might just be an understatement. It feels ridiculously slow. If your system specs look anything like my first system, or even a little better, Windows XP is going to depress you. To even illuminate desktop settings requires a bit a patience, which is not saying much. I know after this little review, I will be turning back to Windows ME for my fossilized system. I added 64megs of ram to system 1, and Windows seemed to chug around a little better. It's still a little slow, but the extra ram really gave it a good kick in the butt. I think I might have to reconsider my previous decision.

System 2 feels great. It's not as fast feeling as Win9x, but it does run pretty nicely. After installing TweakUI for XP, things felt even better! Windows XP is very stable, and I never had it crash on me. One thing I did notice was the speed of streamed video online. Now, I donít have any type of benchmark, but I can say this. I was checking out some music videos online, and they looked fantastic. Like I said, I donít have a benchmark comparison, but I know that things were definitely playing a little smoother and better looking than before. 


Like I said before, everything installed without much of a problem. One quick note, XP did have drivers for the GeForce 2 card, but came up empty handed for the classic Voodoo2. After the install, I upgraded the GeForce drivers to version 12.41. They didn't have any for XP, but the Windows 2000 drivers worked without any problems. I then proceeded to install cool bits, but could not find the overclocking applet in my system properties. Therefore, I left the GeForce at stock clock, which is about 25% less performance, but since we are only comparing the two operating systems, it's not a big deal. I am sure there is a way to install cool bits properly, but I couldnít figure it out just yet.

I tried several programs including Quake, SiSandra, 3DMark, Tony Hawk, Madden2k, and they all worked without any problems. They actually worked without even entering any registry information! I simply booted them up from another partition without actually installing them, and I didn't have any problems.


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