The business side of tech. The industry’s latest developments, legal face-offs, acquisitions and technology trends that will give you an overall scope of what’s to come.

The biggest question for IoT: Who pays?

Talk to anyone with even a passing interest in the Internet of Things, and they’ll quickly tell you that the real value of an IoT deployment lies in the data that it generates and the insights that can be gleamed…

Learning about deep learning

The concept is certainly compelling. Having a machine capable of reacting to real-world visual, auditory or other type of data and then responding, in an intelligent way, has been the stuff of science fiction until very recently.

NYC tech giants band together to create industry lobbying group

Some of the nation’s largest technology companies are locking arms to create a New York City-based lobbying group, one that AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and venture capitalist Fred Wilson believe is now necessary to better represent the city’s tech community…
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