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Startup Programs with 'p'

Startup Name Process Name Status
POW! pow.exe Up to You
Power Scan powerscan.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Power2GoExpress Power2GoExpress.exe Up to You
PowerBar Powerbar.exe Not Necessary
PowerChute Pwrchute.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PowerChute Pwrchute.exe May be Necessary
PowerDOCSAPIHost papihost.exe Up to You
PowerDVD PowerDVD.exe Not Necessary
PowerKey PowerKey.exe Up to You
PowerManagement Rundlll.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PowerManager Svchost.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Powermarks pm.exe Up to You
PowerPanel POWPANEL.EXE May be Necessary
PowerPanel Personal Edition User Interaction pppeuser.exe Up to You
PowerPrifile rundl132 kenel.dll, PowerProfileEnable Dangerous. Remove.
PowerPro powerpro.exe Up to You
PowerProf PowerProf.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PowerProfile mfcp30.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PowerQuest Startup Utility PQINIT.EXE Not Necessary
PowerReg Scheduler PowerReg Scheduler.exe Not Necessary
PowerReg SchedulerV2 PowerReg SchedulerV2.exe Not Necessary
PowerReg SchedulerV3 PowerReg SchedulerV3.exe Not Necessary
POWERR~1 POWERR~1.exe Unknown
PowerS PowerS.exe Unknown
PowerSet Regedit.exe /s ...PowerSet_8100_CU.REG Unknown
PowerStrip powerstrip.exe Not Necessary
PowerStrip PSTRIP.EXE Not Necessary
PowerTools Tray Icon pttray.exe Up to You
Powertweak PT2.EXE Up to You
Powertweak PTCTRL.EXE Up to You
Power_Gear BatteryLife.exe Up to You
PP****usb FBDirect.exe Not Necessary
PP2000 Instaupdate PPInupdt.exe Up to You
PP2000 Real Time Scan PPVstop.exe May be Necessary
PP2000 Taskbar Control PPTbc.exe May be Necessary
PP3100b flatbed.exe Not Necessary
ppass Antispy.exe Up to You
PPControl PPControl.exe Up to You
PPHIDPAD pphidpad.exe Up to You
PPK Setup(Server) SEServe.exe Up to You
PPMemCheck ppmemcheck.exe Up to You
PPPOEO pingppac.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PProTray pprotray.exe Not Necessary
PPScheduler PPScheduler.exe Unknown
PPSVC [path to file] Up to You
pptd40nt pptd40nt.exe Not Necessary
PPUpdate ppupdater.exe Up to You
PPWWebCap PPWebCap.exe Not Necessary
pqhelper pqhelper.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PractiSearch PSearch.exe Up to You
Praize Messenger itLoad.exe Up to You
Prayer PTW.EXE Up to You
prdtect prdtect.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PreAnnotate PreAnntt.exe Unknown
Precision Time Clock Checker PrecisionTime.exe Not Necessary
PrecisionTime PrecisionTime.exe Dangerous. Remove.
precpop2 starter.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Prein APP****.tmp [* = random char or digit] Dangerous. Remove.
Preload Preload.exe May be Necessary
preload RUNXMLPL.exe Not Necessary
PreloadApp hphprld.exe Unknown
Premeter nrpr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Premeter prmt.exe Dangerous. Remove.
present .exe Dangerous. Remove.
Preview AdService PrevAdServ.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PrevxHome SAGUI.exe May be Necessary
PrevxOne PXConsole.exe May be Necessary
PrevxPro SAGUI.exe May be Necessary
prgtect prgtect.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Price Patrol neo.exe Not Necessary
PrimaLauncher Launcher.exe Unknown
Primax 3D Mouse 3dmoused.exe Up to You
Primsta Primsta.exe Unknown
Print Driver Helper Service crsrr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Print Master Event Reminder PMremind.exe Not Necessary
Print Screen Deluxe psdeluxe.exe Not Necessary
Print Services spolserv32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
print sharing start.bat Dangerous. Remove.
print sharing [path] hidden32.exe [path] explorer.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Print Spooler Spoolsv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Print Spooler spoolsvc32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Print Spooler spools.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Print Spooler spool.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Print Spooler spoolsv32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Printer Spyassault.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Printer [path to file] Not Necessary
Printer dipset.exe Dangerous. Remove.
printer SpyAssaultScanner.exe Up to You
printer SpyAssaultScanner.exe Not Necessary
Printer Monitor webprinter.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Printer Spool updater.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Printer spool Service spool.exe Dangerous. Remove.
printer spooler commonaccess.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Printer Spooler spooler.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Printer Spooler Subsystem spoolss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Printer Update CFGREG.EXE Unknown
PrinterSpool [path] RESTORE.EXE [path] SPOOL.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
Printing Driver msprint.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Printkey2000 printkey2000.exe Not Necessary
PrintMngr system.exe Dangerous. Remove.

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