Ios 5 articles

iOS 5 has hidden panoramic camera, autocorrect bar

Developers recently discovered a couple of hidden features in Apple's iOS 5. Of the new surprises, panoramic picture mode for the iOS camera app and an Android-like autocorrect bar for the on-screen keyboard make an appearance. Both items can be…

Apple iPhone 4S Review: iOS 5 + Siri

With the rapid pace at which smartphones are developing, many have called the iterative improvements with the iPhone 4S a mistake, as it seems like every other minute a new Android device is out with better, bigger, faster everything.

Beyond the identical exterior lies the hard work that Apple put forth on the inside. An upgraded processor, an improved antenna and camera. The other big story, or should we say, the bigger story with the iPhone 4S is the iOS 5 software upgrade and the voice-controlled personal assistant called Siri.

Apple confirms iOS 5 battery issue, fix coming soon

Shortly after the iPhone 4S launched, customers began reporting about unexpectedly poor battery life. Those complaints escalated last week as various media outfits picked the story up, prompting more users to step forward about their experiences with Apple's latest handset…

Apple unveils iPhone 4S, available October 14

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the next-generation iPhone at a media event on the Apple campus today, putting an end to months of rumors and speculation about Apple’s latest smartphone. Called the iPhone 4S, it features an upgraded A5 dual-core…