Super bowl articles

Football reviewed: The sport from a gamer's perspective

If Football—that is, the American National Football League football—used the same naming scheme as "Dungeons & Dragons," we'd call it "Beer Commercials & Cheerleaders." Like dungeons and dragons, beer commercials and cheerleaders are two things that not everyone likes. They are also, however, not The Point of their respective games.

YouTube to produce its first-ever Super Bowl halftime show

The Super Bowl is one of those rare sporting events that manage to bring the entire country together for a fun-filled evening. Football fans are often treated to a great game on the gridiron while casual viewers are typically more…

Social media dominates Super Bowl advertising

The Seattle Seahawks may have dominated on the field last night but it was social media that cleaned up during commercial breaks. Of the 54 national ads that aired during the big game, more than half of them included hashtags…

Super Bowl XLVI to be streamed live online

Watching the big game on the big screen may soon be a thing of the past as the NFL has announced that Super Bowl XLVI will be streamed live online and to select mobile users for the first time. Wild-card playoff games and the Pro Bowl will serve as precursors to the big game...