CopyPod is the ultimate backup tool for your iPod. It enables you to easily transfer your whole music library from your iPod to your PC without loosing ratings and playlists. Whether you need to send your iPod for repair, retrieve your music because of a computer crash, or just backup to a different drive, CopyPod will do the job effortlessly.

CopyPod Features:

- full backup of your iPod including all playlists and ratings (backup 9300 songs in 1hr 9min)

- Import backup directly into iTunes, save hard disk space, no messing around

- newly designed friendly user interface

- backup progress with pause option (if you need to recharge the iPod during backup)

- sorting display includes Title - Album - Artist - Rating - Playlist - Size

- supports all existing iPods (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation, iPod mini, U2 Special Edition and iPod Photo) in Windows Format

- optional backup of Mac format iPods using 3rd party software

- auto iPod detection feature makes sure iTunes doesn't erase your iPod Music Learn more.