"100% accuracy , 0% CPU usage, blocking of ALL protocols, kernel-level."

Sound good? - Don_PhrostByte (see forums) has provided the source code to handle core functionality at kernel-level. Pending discussions and probably some GUI development.. it looks like the PG project will be revived with the same level of performance you can expect from all similar programs that have emerged since PeerGuardian came into existence.

New PG releases will have more features besides the core improvements (linking to the new update locations, custom block/exclusion lists and more) but the kernel-level blocking of all protocols was the most important news.

What's New:

- This fixes a couple bugs, updates some urls, and adds a new feature:
- Update servers will be auto-allowed while updating, and then go back to regular settings (ie if they are blocked) when it's done. this can be turned off via the config file AllowUpdates setting, but is not recommended!
- Also has a performance enhancement in the driver :)