MediaMan 3.10.1108

Create and organize your own media catalog

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MediaMan let you create and organize your own media catalog. It combines the capabilities of managing all kinds of media, including books, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, software and game titles. Managing a media collection is finally pain-free. With MediaMan, you can make use of the automated content retrieval function to create your digital catalog without typing. Keep an eye on borrowed and rental items with the status management feature. Plus, you can export your collection to web pages or even images to share with your friends.

What's New:

* New feature: PlayIt is now capable of media file playback inside MediaMan
* New feature: Dual-processor and quad-processor enabled virtual shelf rendering
* New feature: The last selected category is now remembered
* New feature: Search by title
* Improvement: Webcam barcode scanner is now much more usable than ever before
* Improvement: Collation system will now recognize lots of band names people names, conversion is performed a lot accurate than before
* Improvement: Field names are now sorted in field selection dialog boxes
* Improvement: In the detail view, keyboard first letter navigation now applies to the current sorting column
* Changed Actor Artist Author Director google search engine links to Amazon Associate links to comply with the Amazon Web Service usage agreement
* Change: File listing attach folder will no longer enumrates hidden files, folder synchronizing function is added
* Change: Increased JPEG storage quality
* Change: Increased tag content, custom icon content, and string recall content size limitation
* Change: Increased combo box content size limitation
* Fixed a bug where switching between hide/unhide irrelevant sheets causing text and image change to be reverted
* Fixed a bug where long titles could lead to malfunctioning of the category overview pane
* Fixed a bug where custom status is not included in sorting and status is not sorted correctly
* Fixed a bug where keyboard focus stays on the virtual shelf zoom bar when zooming operation is completed
* Fixed a bug where there's no files tab in the new item dialog
* Fixed a bug where items can't be deselected using Ctrl key
* Fixed a bug where there's no view pane context menu on Windows Vista
* Fixed a bug where incorrect item icon is displayed in search results, status, and tag management mode
* Fixed a bug in category icon assignment dialog where the current selected icon is displayed incorrectly
* Fixed a problem where MediaMan stops downloading when incorrect content size is returned from Amazon ECS servers
* Fixed a minor progress bar animation problem on Windows Vista
* Fixed a minor memory leak in drag & drop
* Fixed a bug where the Date Added field is set to GMT today rather than local today when importing new items
* Fixed a bug where Disc Layer and Disc Side radio box can't be choosed at the same time
* Fixed a bug where Format and Aspect Ratio is not showing up in detail view mode
* Fixed a bug where Edit->Delete in main menu has no action
* Fixed minor bugs with toolbar and status bar show/hide
* Fixed minor resource loading and logic problems
* Fixed a bug where newly entered combo box items are not remembered
* Upgraded FreeImage component
* Upgraded SQLite component