As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, it is more important than ever to have a strong solution to safeguard your online transactions and irreplaceable files.

Lavasoft Personal Firewall 3.0 provides the critical protection you need to keep your PC safe from unauthorized access. It is the ultimate security shield against hackers, keyloggers, Trojans and other malicious attempts to access data on your PC, while remaining simple, and easy to use.


* Two-way firewall - controls inbound and outbound traffic, providing superior protection for your PC.
* Host protection - proactively monitors and blocks attempts to compromise or steal data.
* Leak prevention technology - blocks malicious programs from stealing and transmitting your personal information.
* Self-protection - ensures firewall cannot be deactivated by targeted attacks.
* Web control - increases online security with features such as unsafe website access restriction and anonymous surfing.
* Attack detection - automatically blocks unauthorized intrusions and hijacking attempts.
* Auto-learning mode - keeps track of your typical activities to reduce your need to manage alerts.
* Entertainment Mode - background protection while you play games or watch movies.
* Easy to use - designed for both home users and experts.
* Multilingual - supports English, French, German and Spanish.
* Free Support - Benefit with unlimited e-mail and live chat support from our technical and customer support experts at the Lavasoft Support Center.