What's New:

  • Supports Czech and Dutch languages in the user interface.
  • Resolved Media Library issue where playing an ISO and DVD (.VOB) is not added in recent list.
  • Resolved video quick menu not showing selection correctly.
  • Resolved black screen when playing dat or ts video file.(mpeg format)
  • Resolved PlayTo issue where menu icon in video option do not move when navigating during playback
  • Resolved poor menu performance due to background task running.
  • Resolved audio Track display always shows as file name.
  • Other updates included. Please see Release Notes for details.

How to Install the Product Update:

Installing the new firmware on your WD TV Live is simple. Just connect your WD TV Live to an Internet connection and the WD TV Live will automatically check and notify you a new firmware is available for update at the Home menu. Confirm the action and your WD TV Live will be automatically updated.

If Internet connection is not available, you can download the firmware file and follow the steps below to update:

  1. Download the latest firmware update compressed file for your WD TV Live HD media player.
  2. Extract the three files (.BIN, .VER, and .FFF files) to the root (top level) of a portable USB drive.
  3. Connect the USB drive to the WD TV Live Media Player's USB port.
  4. Press HOME, and then select the Settings bar.
  5. Select the firmware upgrade icon, and then press ENTER.
  6. You are prompted to perform the firmware upgrade.
  7. Select OK on the firmware update prompt, and then press ENTER. This will restart the system.
  8. After restarting, the system automatically enters firmware upgrade mode.
  9. Once the update process is completed, the WD TV Live HD Media Player will restart again.
  10. Once the HD WD TV Live Media Player restarts, the new firmware is automatically loaded and the WD TV Live HD Media Player is ready for use.