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Firefox Myths Debunked – Part 2

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As many of you are well aware, I (& many others) have taken issue with the Firefox Myths site. Rather than argue the issues with the author; who consistently never answers, ignores, or attempts to weasel out of such disputes (e.g. Ars Technica) I’ve decided to create a Firefox Myths Debunked post on the forums.
Here I’ll be covering certain of the Myths, with reliable sources used to provide information & fuller use of quotation. In particular be sure to check out the Quotes section which highlights the misquoting of people completely out of context; backed up by the full original comment.

Update 20/02/2006 – The Author has now chosen to add me to his Quotes section, butchering some points I made in Firefox Myths Debunked. What a decent bloke ehh?

Update 19/03/2006 – The author chose to respond here on 25/02/2006; to which I’ve asked why he purposefully misquotes & misrepresents myself & 7 others on the site (No response still). We’d appreciate an answer why these quotes are still unamended & on behalf of myself & the 7 others would request they either be posted in full (As can be read in full on my forum post) or be removed.

Update 25/03/2006 – I’ve made a few updates to the forum;

    1. Despite what’s stated on the site there are no patched/unpatched vulnerabilities rated as “Extremely Critical” for Firefox in Windows – “All Myths relate to running the default install of Firefox in Windows with no extensions” as the author indicates.
    2. Added another (mis)quote, ironically the source states that “the contents of this e-mail are very much sarcastic & are purely intended to point out flaws in his article”.
    3. Updated the Browser Standards Support table.
    4. Updated the Secunia Vulnerability report (Only change being that IE 6.x went from 22 out of 92 advisories unpatched to 20 out of 96 Secunia advisories unpatched).

Written by Julio Franco

February 18th, 2006 at 8:45 am

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  1. I’ve always answered every question asked by not from fanboys. I just never answer questions from people like you who make all sorts of personal attacks and then demand answers to loaded questions.

    You pathetic attempt to debunk my Myths page fails miserably. You just make alot of excuses but do not prove the Myth.

    Firefox is irrefutably not “secure” no matter how many excuses you make.

    So long as Firefox can download executables and includes the extension system XPCOM which is similar to ActiveX, it is irrefutably no more secure for not having ActiveX.

    The third one is absolutely laughable as nothing you say proves Firefox is fully standards compliant, it irrefutably is not.

    As I always say excuses and rhetoric.

    Andrew K

    25 Feb 06 at 9:43 pm

  2. The “fanboy” comments aren’t cutting it with anyone. Here’s a simple question which I & others have asked you repeatedly.

    Explain why you misquote myself & others on your site. Not answering this question merely confirms what I’ve stated in the forum. I’ll not be addressing any other points until you answer this.


    26 Feb 06 at 4:24 pm

  3. BTW – To anyone else reading this. Would a “fanboy” make comments like these? From last september;

    Security (No Active X, although as popularity grows Firefox IS & WILL be exploited more & more – they keep fixing them though)

    & again;

    Let it not be said that Mozilla is without security flaws. Though as I’ve said before, they also do a better job of fixing anything brought to their attention.

    Perhaps the author you’d like to misquote me again with the above? As I’ve already said, failure to answer the initial question regarding your Quotes use merely proves what I’ve been stating.


    27 Feb 06 at 8:36 am

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