Consumer electronics and gadgets that are simply too cool to be missed or are bound to be industry-changing some day.

Google and Levi's show off their upcoming smart jacket

An increasing number of things are becoming “smart;” from fridges to entire homes, it seems companies won’t be happy until everything has connectivity features. One thing we’re starting to see more of is connected clothing, and thanks to Google’s partnership…

Amazon releases a programmable Dash Button for IoT

Amazon is taking its Dash button concept and introducing a programmable variation that can be taught to control your IoT devices. The AWS IoT Button is not really meant for the general public but rather developers looking to get started…

'Chirp' is Google's answer to Amazon's Echo

Google is working on a hardware product to rival Amazon’s Echo personal voice assistant. The device, codenamed Chirp, will resemble the company’s OnHub wireless router according to a new report from Re/code.
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