Consumer electronics and gadgets that are simply too cool to be missed or are bound to be industry-changing.

'Here One' wireless earbuds let you control real-world sounds, but that will cost you

The 'Here One' earbuds are not just another AirPods competitor. According to Doppler Labs, they let you control background noise independently -- to turn down the volume on a honking car horn or an airplane engine, using active listening, not unlike noise-cancelling headphones but on a smaller footprint. Reviewers praise audio quality of the Here One, but battery life is a big concern.

GoPro updates Hero5 firmware, get your GoPro updates here

The first time I got an SD card error on my GoPro camera it was tough. I threw the house at the thing with zero results. Formatted the SD card, tried a different SD from another camera, bought a new SD card... nothing. Then it hit me, I updated the firmware and problem solved(!). Lesson learned: keep your GoPro up to date. Coincidentally this new firmware improves SD card stability. Download the latest firmware for your Hero5 Black or Hero5 Session here.

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