Consumer electronics and gadgets that are simply too cool to be missed or are bound to be industry-changing some day.

Puma's BeatBot is a real-life ghost car for runners

Ghost cars are a staple of racing games, allowing players to gauge their current lap with that of their all-time best performance through the use of a semi-transparent representation of the vehicle during the record lap.

The Best Headphones: In-ear, over-ear, gaming, wireless and more

There's an endless selection when it comes to headphones and finding the right pair of can be not only tough but there’s a lot of subjectivity involved depending on what matters most to you -- audio quality, comfort, features, and so on. Here are our picks for the best headphones over-the-ear, in-ear, noise cancelling, gaming, sports-oriented, budget and wireless.

Australia is the latest country to test mail delivery drones

Despite the increasing number of drones in our skies occasional causing problems for other aircraft, more companies are turning to UAVs as a method of delivering goods to customers. Amazon, Google, and Walmart are looking at ways that drones could…
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