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Abit KA7 Slot A review
Posted by Julio Franco on July 19, 2000
Company: Abit     Product: KA7 Slot A motherboard

Abit might not be the biggest motherboard manufacturer out there, however we can say they have built a very good reputation in the pc enthusiastsí community in the last couple of years. Back to the times when the first Celeron CPUs were released you could see everywhere people getting combos of Celerons and Abit motherboards because of their overclocking features that had never been available before.

That hasnít changed with the time as they have been offering very good motherboards for P3s and Celerons based on Intel and VIA chipsets however they were still missing a Slot-A motherboard, itís of common knowledge they didnít want to take the risk with the AMD 750 chipset (the first chipset that was available for the Athlon) since it used a 6 layer design which is more stable but more expensive to manufacture.

The KA7 is the latest offering from Abit for Athlon CPU owners. Built on the VIA KX133 chipset, the KA7 offers just about everything we are used to see nowadays in new motherboards, unlike the AMD 750 chipset, the KX133 supports AGP 4x (which actually doesnít makes much of a difference but is good to have it present anyway) and true PC133 memory support, this might be the most important feature of the chipset when comparing it to AMDís one.

You might want to know there is also available the KA7-100 that is pretty much the same board but adds 2 IDE Channels supporting the new ATA-100 specification, as you could imagine it comes with a larger price tag as well, but if you are going use the extra features be sure to take it a look.

As you could expect from Abit, the KA7 comes with SoftMenu III. This extra BIOS feature will let you tweak your CPU voltage settings, memory bus speed, FSB speed in 1mhz increments and a lot of other things that will help you getting a few extra MHz.

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