Datacenter articles

Seagate launches its own 10 TB helium-filled hard drives

Seagate has announced its first helium-filled large-capacity hard disk drives, which are primarily designed for datacenters and other enterprise applications. The largest drive in Seagate's helium line-up has a capacity of 10 TB, matching HGST's competing line that was announced…

AMD completes acquisition of server startup SeaMicro

Less than a month after announcing the deal, AMD has officialy completed its acquisition of SeaMicro, a startup that specializes in building high-density low-power servers. The deal is valued at $334 million, including $293 million in cash, nearly 6.5 million…

Data centers use less power than anticipated

A new study conducted by a Stanford University consulting professor contradicts a 2007 report from the Environmental Protection Agency regarding future data center power consumption, despite the fact that data centers are being built at a record pace.

US government to close 800 data centers by 2015

The US government will reportedly undertake various measures to drastically reduce its IT spending, including the closure of 40% of its computer centers by 2015, the NY Times reports. The US federal government has the world's largest IT budget at…