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Battlefield 4's second screen functionality detailed

A new video showcasing some second screen gameplay features that will be coming to the highly anticipated Battlefield 4 leaked this morning. Although it was briefly removed due to a copyright claim by EA, the footage has now been officially…

Battlefield 4 showcased in 17-minute gameplay trailer

Electronic Arts took the stage at the annual Game Developers Conference this week to showcase a live demo of Battlefield 4, the latest version in the popular first-person shooter franchise. Dice, the game’s publisher, said the title will arrive this…

EA revs hype machine ahead of Battlefield 4's March 26 reveal

Details about Battlefield 4 are slowly beginning to trickle out as EA looks to build hype leading up to the game's March 26 unveiling at an event during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. Although the company will likely remain quiet about anything significant...

Maxis admits SimCity could have had an offline mode

Not long after a modder discovered that it was possible to play SimCity offline indefinitely, Maxis general manager Lucy Bradshaw authored a post on EA’s website that tackles the question head on. Simply put, could they have built an offline…

SimCity can be played offline indefinitely

During a recent interview, Maxis general manager Lucy Bradshaw said it would be impossible to play SimCity offline without a significant amount of engineering by the design team as the game offloads a large amount of calculations to their servers…

SimCity Review: Real or Simulated Disaster?

To many fans of the original city building simulation series, the idea of an online multiplayer game that required even solo players to be connected to the internet at all times seemed like a recipe for disaster.

Maxis' latest creation is easily the most compelling SimCity I've played since the 1989 original. It's also a disaster.

The business of gaming: nickels, dimes, and quarters

The video game industry is just that. An industry. Which means that it exists in a capitalistic world. You know, a free market. A place where you’re welcome to spend your money on whatever you please… or to refrain from spending that money.