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Tech Fail! Biggest Flops of The Last 10+ Years

There are two surefire ways to have your name immortalized in history: succeed in your stride toward greatness or, as so many tech firms did in 2011, faceplant trying.

Fresh in our memory are failed products like the Blackberry Playbook, the PlayStation Network getting hacked, Microsoft's Kin smartphones, AMD's FX relaunch and Duke Nukem Forever. Those and a few others have served as inspiration for us to look further back and revisit some of the biggest flops of the new millennia, starting with what many consider Microsoft's worst OS ever.

Google Wave killed, drifts into the sunset

Google today announced plans to discontinue Google Wave, its real-time communication and collaboration platform that launched only a few short months ago. Initially hailed as an "email killer," we were quite intrigued when we first laid eyes on Wave last…