Street fighter articles

'Street Fighter V' story mode to be included free in June DLC

Competitive fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter aren't typically known for their storylines. They do have them, mind you, but they are not really something that fans and developers have traditionally invested much time into.

Live action Street Fighter series needs your help via Kickstarter

A webseries for the popular Street Fighter franchise (with Capcom’s blessing, we might add) is vying for your dollars via Kickstarter. Joey Ansah, the director, writer and creative force behind Street Fighter: Legacy and Christopher Howard need roughly $950,000 to…

Weekend game deals: 75% off Warhammer, Dragon Age games

If you've been meaning to catch up on any of the Warhammer games, Steam has cut 75% off the entire franchise, including last September's Space Marine as well as a bundle with Dawn of War II and its expansions. You'll also find 75% off both Dragon Age titles, Super Street Fighter IV...