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samsung bixby clone voice answer phone calls ai

Samsung Bixby will clone a user's voice to answer phone calls

In brief: There's been a lot of talk about AIs being able to perfectly imitate someone's voice and the potential dangers that could bring, but Samsung wants to use the technology in a less nefarious way. The company's Bixby Text Call feature, which converts text to speech for phone calls, is getting an update, so the voice it uses is an exact copy of the user's.
microsoft chatgpt bing openai search machine learning

ChatGPT is overtly and covertly writing novels and short stories and the industry is freaking out

The new side hustle is to task an AI to write a book, then go sell it on Amazon
A hot potato: In case you haven't noticed, ChatGPT and machine-learning AI, in general, have been hot topics lately, with opinions swinging positively and negatively. On one side are proponents that think generative AI systems are the best thing since sliced bread and should be used for everything from constructing "original" images to writing poetry. Opponents passionately argue that these applications tread on the rights of creatives who put days, weeks, and months of work into their respective arts.
openai ceo sam altman ai openai chatgpt

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman warns that the world might not be far from "potentially scary" artificial intelligence

What just happened? It's understandable why many people are concerned about artificial intelligence becoming a threat to humanity; Hollywood has pumped out plenty of movies about rogue AIs over the years. But when a warning that the world is close to "potentially scary" AI comes from Sam Altman, the CEO of ChatGPT creator OpenAI, maybe it's time to listen.
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