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"Robot lawyer" to present arguments in world's first AI-defended legal trial in February

Before you ask: No. The robot didn't pass the bar exam, so it's not a licensed lawyer. However, that is not a requirement for arguing a legal case. People represent themselves and hire paralegals in court proceedings all the time. It's not a stretch for a judge to agree to hear a case from an AI. In fact, most judges would probably be very interested to see a machine-generated legal argument, especially one presented in real-time.
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AI will go mainstream in 2023

The significance of AI is becoming more commonplace and impactful for a large percentage of the population
Highly anticipated: One of the many challenges in analyzing and predicting trends in the tech industry is that some topics get so much coverage well before they're ready that by the time they start to really impact the market they sound like old news. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a great example of this phenomenon.
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