K1 is a system utility for Windows XP/2K/2003.
It retrieves system and hardware informations.

K1 has also some options to manage your computer:

- Shutdown, reboot, log-off or lock computer.
- Start, stop or delete a service.
- Change Windows elements color.
- Kill or change a processe's priority.
- A registry tweaker (optimize registry + services).
- A cleaner (delete IE cookies, IE temporary Internet files, recent documents, all recycle bins on all drives, Log files, Backup files, Applications history files, Windows temporary files and clean "Prefecth" folder).
- A password generator.
- A shortcut maker.
- A QuickLaunh accessible via the systray.
- Enable, disable, launch your screensaver.
- Show/Hide Windows's elements (systray, traywnd, start up button, desktop).
- Possibilty to stop Internet connection.
- Search on Internet (Google/Yahoo) or on your computer (accessible from the systray).
- A Whois query + TCP/IP Analyzer via http link.

Lastly you can backup your computer configuration.