Run a series of effects on an image; tweak them, rearrange them, turn them off/on, delete them, all without messing up the source image.

NOTE: This is a preview release to gauge the demand for this sort of software. We know there are bugs, if you like this software then let us know so we'll keep working on it!

What's New:

* Formalizes the transition to a closed-source shareware model for the application. The core engine, however, will always remains open source.
* The controls for the project are now integrated into each project window, as opposed to the former floating palette. Also, there's now a dark "frame" around the project workspace. (see below screenshot)
* Effects previews are now shown within the project workspace, overlayed over other layers, so you can easily get an idea of how an effect will look on multiple layers. (see above screenshot)
* Undo/Redo! Need I say more, this is great to have.
* The Project Browser now includes List View, and support for Multiple Project folders (Local & Networked)
* A new file format for projects which will increase performance when loading/saving. Also features QuickLook support.
* Filter layers now have resize handles so you can easily and visually resize them.
* And much more!