Adobe Illustrator CS2

Adobe Illustrator CS2

Illustrator CS2 is the essential tool for creative professionals and designers who use graphics to communicate ideas visually in print, on the web, motion graphics, and mobile devices.


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Windows Serial number: 1034-1415-6230-2341-2884-9398
Mac Serial number: 1034-0416-0740-0527-2887-2375

For many years, Adobe Illustrator software has been the standard for creating graphically rich content—first for print, then for motion graphics, then for the Web, and now for mobile devices. Creative professionals around the world depend on its innovative features and tight integration with other Adobe products. What more, you might ask, can a new version of Adobe Illustrator possibly deliver? The answer: quite a lot.

Here are just two examples of what’s brand new and remarkable in Adobe Illustrator CS2. Live Trace, a breakthrough new tracing tool, enables you to convert a scanned, hand-drawn sketch or photograph in seconds into a precise illustration composed of editable paths and anchor points. And Live Paint, an exciting new painting tool, allows you to apply color to strokes and fills easily and intuitively. With these powerful new features, Illustrator CS2 has narrowed the gap between the bitmap and the vector.

Adobe Illustrator CS2 is a powerful stand alone upgrade to Illustrator CS and illustration component of Adobe Creative Suite 2 software, a powerful, unified design environment that enables creative professionals to efficiently create and produce superb content in close collaboration with others. Illustrator CS2 gains from numerous Creative Suite-wide benefits, such as consistent color through shared color profiles and exchangeable swatches, improved Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) creation and shared PDF settings, and enhanced file-version management.

Our prediction? No matter how well you already know Adobe Illustrator, you’re about to fall in love with it again. With Adobe Illustrator CS2, you will:

Know no limits

With Illustrator CS2, your tools never stand in the way of your ideas. Live Trace and Live Paint equip you to focus on creating and producing great artwork. Additional features include: support for placing Adobe Photoshop CS2 layer comps and for applying Photoshop CS2 filters and effects; custom stroke placement; type enhancements; and support for colorizing grayscale images.

Enjoy a smooth ride

Illustrator CS2 enables you to spend more time creating and less time mastering new features. The context-sensitive Control palette makes it a snap to find the tool you need for the task at hand. Still more additions—customizable workspaces—enable your work to flow smoothly from beginning to end, including a next-generation file browser called Adobe Bridge, and support for the latest Wacom tablets.

Work well with others

Given today’s variety of media, no graphics application can afford to work all alone. Although artwork sometimes stays in Adobe Illustrator from start to finish, often it’s placed in other applications or saved in other formats. Illustrator CS2 smooths these transitions by providing support, for industry-standard PDF/X formats, a