Xpy closes recent security holes like the remote procure call (rpc) service and the distributed component object model (dcom).


  • disable windows "calling home"
  • disable questionable services
  • disarm internet explorer
  • disarm windows media player
  • remove windows messenger
  • improve security
  • improve performance

What's New:

  • added option to retrieve updates for Windows Embedded POSReady systems, even if using other
  • compiled using latest NSIS 3.0 beta 0
  • added option to disable the windows 8 metro start menu
  • added keyboard shortcuts for some commands
  • added search provider info to ixquick build
  • fixed bug in /lang parameter, not displaying help dialog
  • modified some parameters to be combinable (/force, /lang, /license, /noreboot)
  • modified interface colors
  • modified application icon
  • modified post-Windows XP warning
  • improved response of color indicators