Winguard Popup Remover uses the only patent pending technology available on the market to block virtually all popups. It blocks all web-based and spyware-generated popups, and is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, America Online, Netscape and Opera. Furthermore, it is offered at half the price of the competition and is available for a two-week free download. Included in the one-time fee are Automatic Updates, which actively update the program to address new forms of popup advertising on the market. The Winguard Popup Remover is the only effective popup blocker on the market. Period.

Ad-ware and spyware companies generate revenues by linking the user to websites through undesired, bothersome popups. This is an issue the competition simply does not address. On the other hand, Winguard Popup Remover renders ad-ware useless, cutting off a major artery of revenue for the advertisers.