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SBF lawyers plead for 5-7 year sentence calling possibility of 100 years "grotesque"

WTF?! Sam Bankman-Fried was living the high life in a private villa in the Bahamas, sipping on piña coladas, and rubbing elbows with celebrities and other billionaires. But his lawyers say poor old Sam was miserable that whole time. The courts should take pity because he has a "condition" that no regular person has heard of that makes him incapable of enjoying anything. No. Really. You can't make this up. Read on.
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The FBI advises users to install ad blockers

PSA: Ad blocking is perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of browsing the web today. Users agree that it declutters web pages, but they also deny ad revenue to many sites that need it (like TechSpot). However, law enforcement agencies admit that ad blocking also mitigates some security risks that online advertising introduces.
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Authorities arrest Sam Bankman-Fried on FTX fraud and money laundering

What just happened? Investors taken to the cleaners by Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX exchange will probably be pleased to hear that the man who admittedly made a lot of "mistakes" that cost them their money is in police custody today on fraud and money laundering charges. He was arrested last night in his Bahamian headquarters at the request of US officials.