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IBM issues ultimatum to managers: relocate for in-office return or leave the company

IBM once said it wouldn't force remote employees back to the office
A hot potato: It's not just average workers who are being forced to leave the comforts of home. IBM has given an ultimatum to its remote managers: get back into the office or a client location for at least three days per week or find another job. The company's message to those who live too far away to comply with this demand? Move closer.
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IBM extends its goals for AI and quantum computing, shows off roadmap

Forward-looking: While no one doubts the heritage of tech advancements that IBM has made over recent decades, there are certainly those who've started to wonder if the company is able to sustain those types of efforts into the future. At a recent analyst day held at the historic Thomas J. Watson Research Center, IBM made a convincing argument that they are up to the task, especially in the fields of AI as well as quantum computing.