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Linux could have been brought down by backdoor found in widely used utility

Why it matters: By happenstance Microsoft researcher Andres Freund found malicious code that could break sshd authentication. If it hadn't been discovered it could have posed a grave threat to Linux. The open source community has reacted to the incident, acknowledging the fortuitous nature of the discovery and how it was fortunately caught early before it could pose a significant risk to the broader Linux community.
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USB drive that self-destructs nears its crowdfunding goal

Use the correct insertion sequence or the drive appears broken
WTF?! A self-destructing, open-source USB stick that can heat its flash chip to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) has almost reached its crowdfunding goal. Not only does the device boast a Mission Impossible-style self-kill ability, but it also has a secret feature that hides data unless you plug it in the correct way.

Python affected by 15-year-old bug that keeps on giving

In brief: The Python programming language is being impacted by security issue programmers have know about for a while. Trellix researchers recently rediscovered a bug, highlighting the risk for hundreds of thousands of software projects and creating patches for tens of thousands of them.