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Fiber optic researchers showcase speeds 4.5 million times faster than average home broadband

The breakthrough could provide an affordable path to upgrade existing fiber networks
The big picture: The ability to move massive amounts of data as quickly as possible continues to become more critical to our everyday lives. Earlier this month, researchers published the results of an experiment that could help increase transmission speeds exponentially using existing fiber optic infrastructure.

Tech Tip: Speed Up Firefox by Loading Tabs On-demand

Firefox users who are used to having fifteen or more tabs open while surfing the web, or perhaps tend to load up their browser with a bunch of open pages from their last session, will surely know the impact this can have on performance. Luckily, there are ways heavy tab users can ease the memory-guzzling effect that their browsing habits can have on their systems - and today we'll specifically mention two: using the BarTab extension or adding a quick about:config tweak.